How To Make Cold Brew Coffee.

There are two main reasons why you would find it beneficial to learn how to make cold brew coffee. 1. It’s a relatively simple process, always an advantage. 2. The nature of this coffee is less acidic, in comparision with other types of coffee. When cold brewed, the caffeine in the coffee is kept at an optimal level, producing a non bitter, smooth flavor which a great many people, quite rightly, find extremely captivating. It also breaks the notion that coffee can only be made by heating water, alternatives do exist!

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee:- You Will Need…

The products and equipment required to make this type of coffee include a mason jar or wide-mouth container, finely ground coffee beans, a coffee filter and a kitchen sieve. People add powders, creams, vanilla, cinnamon, ice cream with ground almonds, syrups, flavors, sugar and liqueurs to make the taste of cold brew coffee rich and varied as well.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee:- Some Simple Tips

To make highly delicious cold brew coffee…

1) Take finely ground coffee beans in a mason jar.

2) Add 4 cups of filtered water. Measure out a ratio of 1 part coffee to 4.5 parts water.

3) Stir well to get all the grounds wet.

4) Cover the jar and keep it for 8 to 24 hours at room temperature. The brew will become stronger as time passes by. How much time depends on the discretion of the individual. Some trial and error may be required.

5) Place a coffee filter on a kitchen sieve and pour coffee through the filter.

6) Keep the coffee in a refrigerator.

7) Dilute the concentrate according to individual preference while serving.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee:- Final Thoughts

For most people, it is usually advisable to keep the ratio of coffee concentrate to water as one-to-two. Only for people who love strong coffee, would the ratio move towards one-to-one. When people follow these simple steps making extremely delicious cold coffee will become a hassle free process. Knowing how to make cold brew coffee isn’t difficult and the benefits, well, they speak for themselves.

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