How To Grind Coffee Beans?

Posted on April 24, 2013 · Posted in Coffee Break

The question, ‘how to grind coffee beans’, generates great amount of interest among a huge number of people. Coffee beans can be described as the seeds of cherry-like fruits, grown in coffee trees and this cherry-like fruit consists of five layers as well. When these fruits get ripened they will turn bright red and all the layers will have to be removed for collecting coffee beans.

In normal circumstances, there will be two seeds within each cherry. Though there are various species of plants within this genus Arabica and Robusta coffee beans dominate the commercial coffee bean requirements. Coffee beans will have to be processed immediately after picking and different methods like wet processing and dry processing are being employed to remove all types of layers.

The roasting process will have to be done before making them ready for packaging and people will be able to purchase various types of roasted coffee bean bags from the market.


How To Grind Coffee Beans:- Timing Matters


If a person wants to make quality coffee he/she definitely requires freshly ground coffee beans and it should be done just before the brewing because the process of oxidation will take place within a short period of time. It will also result in the degradation of the flavor within a few hours and it is always advisable to grind single pot at a time to make the taste and aroma extremely appealing. Coffee grounds are classified into different categories and they include coarse, medium, fine, super fine and Turkish grind.


How To Grind Coffee Beans:- Grinder Options


There are two leading coffee grinder versions which are available in the market and they are burr grinders and blade or propeller grinders. Blade grinders or propeller grinders are ideal for medium sized and coarse coffee beans and grinding in small bursts is the best way of using these types of grinders.

Burr grinders have more advanced settings and more accuracy and flexibility can always be associated with these types of grinders. The process of grinding can be done with great ease when people make use of burr grinders and this machine will get engaged in the process of grinding with the help of two burrs or serrated discs.

Coffee lovers will be able to set the type of grind on burr grinders, according to individual preference and the coffee beans will have to be placed on the chamber as well. Ground coffee can be collected from another chamber and¬†consistency is the hallmark of this type of grinder. All these aspects will help people to find a clear cut answer to the question, ‘how to grind coffee beans’.


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