Green Coffee Bean Diet, The Healthy Choice?

Posted on October 13, 2013 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

Various studies have been conducted to analyze the health benefits involved with green coffee bean diet in the past few years. The positive conclusions drawn from these studies have made this diet immensely popular, meaning that a large number of people now depend on this method to lose weight.

Chlorogenic acid, the most important ingredient of green coffee beans, an active and natural compound, efficiently regulates the release of glucose into bloodstream. As it also gives your metabolism a boost, you know have, in effect, two processes working in tandem, to hold back the absorption of fat. This diet will not only burn away stored fat, but also make it difficult for glucose or sugar to be released into the bloodstream. Since it is a very fast process, the body will not get much of a chance to store fat and as a resultant factor, weight loss will become a less complicated process.

Green Coffee Bean Diet:- Supplements

The green coffee bean diet is all about taking green coffee bean extract pills or tablets on a daily basis. The usual recommended dosage is 1200 mg a day with an advised maximum daily consumption of 1600 mg. However, as with all diets and supplements it is best to consult with your medical practitioner and to follow their advice. Any radical lifestyle change, which this is, comes with risks. Seek advice and make a considered judgement.

It is a well known fact that excess consumption of caffeine is not good for health and on an average level, a cup of coffee consists of 150 mg of caffeine. Unroasted coffee beans are used to make green coffee with green coffee bean supplements containing only 20 mg of caffeine per serving size. These capsules or pills can be consumed 30 minutes before meals.

When choosing your extract it is advisable to select a 100% pure vegetarian supplement. Nothing else having been added tends to ensure better results.

Green Coffee Bean Diet:- Benefits

The benefits involved with this diet are not confined to weight loss alone as it can also help protect the human body from various other health problems. These coffee beans contain a lot of antioxidants and these antioxidants play the most important role in preventing cell degradation. Chlorogenic acid will help regulate your blood pressure, meaning that your heart health should improve by preventing the degradation of lipids and LDL protein.

The process of regeneration of vitamin E will become extremely effective in those people, who follow this diet along with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes due to its inhibiting properties against glucogenolisis.

Green Coffee Bean Diet:- The Sensible Approach

When people consume more than the recommended dosage, they will stand a chance of getting affected with some side effects. These can include:- fatigue, nervousness, vomiting, calcium deficiencies, anxiety, magnesium depletion, headache, nausea, muscle tension and insomnia as well.

The green coffee bean diet cannot be recommended for pregnant women, children and people suffering from kidney or liver problems.

However, if approached correctly, the significant benefits involved with this diet make all these other disadvantages rather insignificant. Better protection for the heart, blood vessels and internal organs has to be a good thing! There can be side effects of green coffee extract, but taken with care, incorporating the green coffee bean diet can lead to a healthier future with a resultant higher quality of life.


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