Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French Press.


Look no further than the Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French press offers a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity? Most existing users are of the opinion that the classic look of this coffee maker and the excellent taste of the coffee, produced in a cost effective manner, make this coffee maker one of their better decisions. Coffee connoisseurs can enjoy the supreme taste of a full bodied coffee without worrying about the sediments due to the dynamic stainless steel mesh filter.

In order to maintain the freshness of the coffee, a patented flavor lock filter system has been developed for this coffee machine. This lock system will shut off the brewing process to maintain optimum freshness.

Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French Press:- Positives

Breakage and shock related problems cannot be associated with the Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French press because the carafe is made with strong borosilicate glass and the brushed stainless steel lid has been designed in such a manner that the splashing of liquids during the time of pressing will not be a problem.

Most people say that premium extraction of the coffee takes place without disturbing the natural oils available in the coffee beans. Coffee lovers take note!

On more practical points, it would be unfair not to mention about the rubberized handle and knob because they offer maximum comfort for the user. Yes, it could be you! This coffee machine can be cleaned quite easily and as a little bonus, when you purchase this machine, you will also receive acrylic scoop.


Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French Press:- Decision Time

The perennial favorite disadvantage, if you have a large families, who enjoy large mugs of coffee regularly, you will not find this maker as the best option. Higher volume use invariably means selecting a bigger machine.

On the other hand; this 8 cup capacity machine could be perfect for small and medium families or singletons with a requirement to concentrate for long periods of time. The brewing process is simple, the coffee stays fresh and eight cups will keep you company for some considerable time. The Bonjour 8-cup Maximus Insulated French Press makes a lot of sense to a lot of people.

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