Bodum Eileen 17-oz French Press.


Some people still believe that making espresso or cafe style black coffee definitely needs a costly coffee maker. The coffee maker known as Bodum Eileen 17-oz French press makes this argument extremely weak because top quality coffee can be made at an affordable price using this machine. This coffee maker was designed to salute the contributions of the famous Irish born designer known as Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray and the ease of use of this machine has won great appreciation from many people.

This maker also goes well with the highly demanding conditions in a restaurant or cafe. It can be described as one of the new generation of French press coffee makers with the strong and solid steel frame guarding the interior glass carafe in a most secure fashion.

Bodum Eileen 17-oz French Press:- Quality Throughout

Coffee filters should never block the essential oils present in the coffee beans because these natural oils will provide a fuller and complex flavor as well as a captivating aroma. That is what exactly happens with the Bodum Eileen 17-oz. The top quality mesh filter does not prevent the oils forming an integral part of the finished beverage, allowing you to enjoy the real rich taste of coffee at its best.


Bodum Eileen 17-oz French Press:- Pros And Cons

It is available in three different sizes and they include 1-liter, .50 -liter and .35- liter. Highly durable borosilicate glass is used in place of traditional glass and the manufacturer has also used chrome-plated steel and plastic to make the entire design truly appealing.

The brewing process can be completed within 4 minutes and since this coffee machine does not use any paper filters, you will never have to worry about any waste. Cleaning this machine is also an uncomplicated process.

One negative aspect about this coffee maker is that since it is a small capacity press, the requirements of a large family cannot be met in an efficient manner and large families sometime prefer a bigger capacity press.

Overall however, if you want to make highly delicious coffee with a captivating aroma, using a good looking machine in a hassle free manner, then the Bodum Eileen 17-oz French press is worthy of your consideration.


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