French Press Coffee Maker.

Full bodied flavor and ease of use can always be associated with a French press coffee maker. Many people all over the world don’t start their morning properly until that first cup of coffee. If that includes you and time therefore is very much of the essence, a French press coffee maker may be just what you are looking for.

With no coffee filters to block the essential oils emanating from the coffee beans, the filter-less brewing process of French press makers will keep these oils in the coffee to create a fuller and complex flavor.

So you have a fast, easy to use, environmentally friendly ( no paper coffee filters! ) way to make a fine tasting coffee with a strong aroma. What’s not to like?

French Press Coffee Maker:- Different Types

There are different types of French press machines available in the market. They include glass models, shatterproof plastic models, ceramic models, stainless steel models, travel mugs and electric French press.

Manufactures of glass models make use of highly durable laboratory grade borosilicate glass to withstand temperature variations. The classical design of these models is also highly attractive.

Most shatterproof models look pretty similar like glass counterparts but heat resistant plastic is being used to make the beaker.

Ceramic models are extremely durable. The only downside is that you will not be able to see the brewing process because of the fact that the material used to create the jug is ceramic.

Stainless steel models are highly stylish and elegant. The good news is that unlike glass, they are not breakable.

Travel French press mugs can be described as a combination of a coffee press and a mug. As the name suggests, they are the most ideal option for traveling.

The concept of electric French coffee press is relatively a new one and it eliminates the process of boiling water separately and adding it into the French press.

French Press Coffee Maker:- Features

1) Counter space – When all is said and done, limited available space dictates the size of coffee maker you can have. This is where the French press scores heavily. Even the top makes and models will still be compact and easily stored. Highly space-saving electric models have recently become popular.

2) Flavor – The French press offers a wide range of flavors. Since French presses do not make use of any paper filter, they preserve all the essential oils from the coffee beans, meaning that those people who want to make five or six cups of full-bodied coffee at a time, will find this type of coffee maker, a good option.

3) Portability – Many people rely on French presses for camping and traveling purposes because they can easily keep it in their bags.

4) Versatility – Many people use these types of machines to make that wonderful summer beverage, iced coffee. The preparation couldn’t be easier, just add a cup of ice after having made highly concentrated coffee with the help of your French press coffee maker.

5) Uncomplicated brewing process – The brewing process of a French press is extremely quick and simple, giving you complete control over the temperature (195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit).

6) Easy cleaning – These machines can be cleaned quite easily. The time required for cleaning a French press is minimal in comparison with drip coffee makers.

7) Price range – The price of these coffee makers are normally in the $19 to $100 price range, although some of the more advanced models can be around $150.

French Press Coffee Maker:- Conclusion

So, if you like a strong aroma and fine taste, a French press coffee maker could be a sensible and cost effective choice for you. To help you make your choice, follow the links below for some detailed information on individual makes and models.

Clicking on the image will take you to the appropriate page of, clicking on the name below each image will take you to a written summary and video of all the features and benefits of each model.

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