Rainforest Alliance Coffee.

Rainforest Alliance coffee plays an important role in alleviating climate change, one of the greatest challenges facing humankind. If coffee growers want to get Rainforest Alliance certification they will have to follow a good number of guidelines and the most prominent guidelines include protection of the environment and rights to the workers.

The Rainforest Alliance is an NGO organization with a mission to protect bio diversity by ensuring agricultural sustainability and the farmers should maintain natural forest cover with a purpose of achieving a shade coverage of 40% (a requirement it shares with bird friendly coffee).

The environmental standards of this certifying agency strongly advocate that the farmers should plant 70 trees in a hectare and there should be 12 native species as well.


Rainforest Alliance Coffee:- Environmental Considerations


Natural water courses should be maintained in the coffee farms and natural vegetation buffer zones vegetation should be preserved as well. The growers are allowed to use chemicals like pesticides in their farms and Rainforest Alliance coffee certification standards prevent people from getting engaged in harmful activities like mismanagement of waste water, disturbing ecosystem and other unhealthy environmental practices.

Child labor will not be allowed and proper education to the children of the workers will also have to be ensured. This certification will also make sure that deserving wages are being given to the workers as well.


Rainforest Alliance Coffee:- A Sustainable Future


Variations of Rainforest certified coffee with different flavors are available in the market and those, who want strong flavor and high pronounced acidity, will become ardent fans of this type of coffee. Intense sweet aroma is the hallmark of this high quality coffee and in comparison with most leading ethical coffee certifications; the cost of this coffee can be described as fair and affordable as well.

When a farmer wants to get certified he should request for an inspection and the volunteers will visit the farm to conduct a detailed inspection. Once the farmer gets the approval, he will be able to use the seal of Rainforest on his coffee products. All these aspects clearly indicate that Rainforest Alliance coffee represents quality, taste and environmental friendly growing practices in the best possible manner.

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