Direct Trade Coffee.

Transparency is the best word that can be associated with direct trade coffee. When there are no middle men, coffee roasters will be able to buy directly from the growers and mutually beneficial relationship will become a reality between the growers and roasters. Department of agriculture has appointed certifying agencies to assess the environmental standards and the growers should follow certain guidelines to get certified.

Coffee growers are not allowed to use pesticides and herbicides in their farms and they will have to ensure proper wastewater disposal and forest cover maintenance as well, similar to organic coffee requirements.


Direct Trade Coffee:- Mutually Beneficial


Growers will be able to earn more income per pound of coffee when they do business with direct trade buyers and the additional financial premiums will be handed over to the growers for improving the quality of coffee. That is how this method promotes a mutually supportive relationship and the main focus of direct trade is on quality, instead of quantity.

All these aspects will result in long lasting relationship and a huge number of people show great appreciation towards direct trade coffee because of the various benefits like quality of coffee, transparency in all aspects, fair and sustainable prices, environmental sustainability and good labor practices.


Direct Trade Coffee:- A Quality Choice


Since this method gives utmost importance to quality, taste will never fall short and the price will always be a little bit higher as well. Roasters will give quality inputs to the farmers about the requirements of the consumers and all these ideas will help the grower to improve the quality of coffee. As a resultant factor, the growers will be able to produce high quality coffee beans that will go in complete harmony with the needs of the consumers.

Of all the ethical coffee certifications, direct trade coffee certifications always encourage economically, environmentally and socially fair practices to make the best quality coffee for the people and this method is equally beneficial for the growers, roasters and consumers as well.

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