Bird Friendly Coffee.

Among all coffee certifications, environmental standards of bird friendly coffee certification are known as the toughest one. The creator of this certification is Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC), an integral part of National Zoo in Washington and coffee growers will have to follow strict guidelines to obtain the approval from the certifying agency. After having done a lot of scientific research to find out the best environment for birds and other wildlife, SMBC became successful in developing a set of strict guidelines for assessing bird friendly coffee farms.

Organic certification is an inevitable aspect to be qualified as bird friendly and the farmers should also maintain the forest cover that offers ideal habitat for birds and other wildlife.


Bird Friendly Coffee:- Protecting Wildlife


Additional requirements include shade coverage of 40 percent (not to be confused with shade coffee which is a totally different certification) and strict guidelines for size and diversity of trees and all these recommendations have been designed with a purpose of providing a perfect setting for a wealth of wildlife. Since bird friendly coffee certification follows all the guidelines advocated by the organic coffee certification, the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals will have to be minimized in these types of farms.

Though this coffee certification does not directly address the issue of improving labor standards, unlike for example fair trade coffee, the organic method of farming will take care of the health aspect of the workers.


Bird Friendly Coffee:- Worth The Extra


The price of bird friendly coffee will be a bit higher because of the costs involved with the third party certification and environmental friendly growing methods. Since coffee beans will get ripened in a slow manner the flavor of this type of coffee will always be better in comparison with sun-grown coffee.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the demand for bird friendly coffee has always been on the rise and the taste, aroma and quality have played a major role in making this coffee immensely popular.

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