Espresso Cups, Things To Know And Look Out For

Posted on March 11, 2013 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

If you are an ardent coffee lover, espresso cups assume great significance. They always believe that the real taste of espresso coffee will be incomplete if sits in an ordinary cup. According to them, the material and design of the cup has always played an important role in popularising espresso coffee and in these days, people have the freedom to choose from different cups with outstanding designs.

Espresso Cups:- Did You Know?

1) Espresso cups are made of different materials including steel, plastic, glass and porcelain. The most common material is porcelain or ceramic and various types of designer cups are available in the market today with graphical images and stylish designs.

2) Up until 1992, these types of cups were available in black and white colors. In 1992, Illy Caffe decided that the espresso sipping experience should be linked with the art and design of the cups. The well known commissioned artist, Matteo Thun, designed the first modern espresso cup for Illy Caffe.

3) Many upcoming artists create these types of cups with innovative creative designs to make them and their artwork, popular among people all over the world.

4) Coffee cups with witty sayings have become extremely popular. Consequently a lot of people give great importance to the artwork and logos that are printed on the cups, making them something of a collectors item.

5) All companies that are getting engaged in the process of producing these types of cups make use of a numbering system to control the production thereby limiting the market availability of cups with a particular design. In order to keep the freshness alive, these companies will regularly come up with new designs. Normally each set of cups will be available for sale in extremely appealing display boxes.

6) Generally, porcelain cups come in 2 to 3 ounce glasses, which leaves just enough room for adding toppings like chocolate shavings or whipped cream.

Espresso Cups:- Matter Because…

All ardent lovers of espresso coffee also give utmost importance to the cup as well. Drinking high quality coffee that sits in well designed espresso cups has become a tradition, part of the whole coffee drinking experience, for a huge number of people.


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