Coffee Tables, How To Choose?

Posted on May 5, 2013 · Posted in Coffee Break

There is no doubt that a good coffee table will enhance the style and functionality of a living space in a very constructive manner. However, with such a wide variety of coffee tables available, what can you do to make the process of choosing one, a hassle free experience?

It is always advisable to explore the various possibilities of different types of tables before arriving at a conclusion and such a method of approach will help you to select the most suitable coffee table available in the market.

In addition to that, several factors will have to be taken into consideration, they include existing decor, family dynamics, weight of the table, safety of the children and so on. These types of tables can act as both a decorating and functional focal point of a room. Many people love to keep their magazines, beverages and remote controls on them.

Once you know how it will likely be used, what are the important factors to consider?

Coffee Tables:- Different Types

Various types of materials are being used to make these types of tables with the most popular being glass, wood and metal. When choosing the best material, a few pointers should be kept in mind to make the process of selection less complicated.

First of all, people should think about the location where the table will be placed and the material should go well with the overall ambiance of the room.

Glass can be described as the most popular material and the airy appearance of a coffee table that is made of glass makes it the most suitable option for a living room that is compact. A glass table can invite a modern ambiance when different types of metal or plastic are being used to decorate it.

As far as wooden tables are concerned most people prefer hardwoods like walnut, oak, walnut, maple although tables made of softwoods like cedar and pine are also available to purchase. It is always advisable to select tables made from particle board or engineered plywood because they will ensure durability. A lacquered or silky finish is normally associated with a top quality table.

Among metal coffee tables, tables made of stainless steel offer maximum strength and durability while a matte finish is often associated with these types.

Coffee Tables:- Taking Measurements

At the time of purchasing a coffee table, people should take the exact measurements of the space available and recording the exact measurements from the floor to the top of the sofa cushion is the best way of approaching it. In normal circumstances the height of a coffee table will be level with the knees while sitting down. Length wise, a good table should be between a third to a half the length of a medium sized sofa.

Coffee Tables:- Shape, Size And Style

After taking the exact measurements, people should focus on shape, size and style and plenty of options are available in many different styles and shapes. People will have the freedom to choose from square, rectangular, round and oval shapes normally made from wood, glass and metal.

Coffee tables with innovative designs combining these three materials are also available. Some people commit the mistake of purchasing beautiful tables without giving proper importance to the correct size and such a method of approach will limit the free movement in the living room.

Coffee Tables:- Focusing On The Functional Aspect

Sturdier models are the most suitable option for people who like to use the table in a frequent manner and they can choose models without separate legs so that they will not have to worry about wear and tear over a period of time. If there is any possibility of children or pets knocking into the coffee table you would be well advised not to purchase glass tables.

In order to avert any chance of an accident, a good number of people purchase tables with rounded edges with an oval coffee table being a classy option.

If you want to place decorative pieces or to explore all the possibilities of storage space you should buy specially designed lift top coffee tables. The legs of quality tables will be attached with tenon and mortise joints and top quality drawers will always have dovetail joints instead of stapled ones.

Coffee Tables:- Conclusion

Identifying the most suitable coffee table that goes in complete harmony with the exact requirements is the key and such a method of approach will help you to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a room. A top quality table can always be considered as a signature piece of furniture and it will enhance the overall ambiance by acting as a center piece in the living room.

A huge number of people show great affinity towards wooden tables with glass tops and smart thinking people always give great importance to affordability as well.

While talking about coffee tables it is also worthwhile mentioning the rich tradition of the coffee table book. Without doubt, both have contributed immensely towards popularising the social coffee circle concept.


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