Coffee Table Book: An Innovative Décor For The Coffee Table

Posted on July 3, 2013 · Posted in Coffee Break

A coffee table book is definitely something more than a book. It’s an entertainer, or you could say, a valuable decorative item for your living room. Guests normally, highly admire these special items as they can certainly make your home look exceptional.

Actually these books don’t refer to a specific genre of literature, rather they refer to a type of printed books with special appearances. These oversize books can only accommodate and be read on a spacious table like the regular coffee tables at home. Here, you will discover more about the coffee table books, their history and the trivial facts about them!

Coffee Table Book:- History And Uses

How these coffee table items enhance the decorative value of your house

These décor books have a significant history. In 1580, Michel de Montaigne discussed about a book intended to be displayed over perusal in his essay. After about two hundred years, in 1759, Laurence Sterne came up with his comic book which had the similar concept embalming into it. In Britain, such books have been published and showcased since the mid-19th century.

However, the modern coffee table hardcovers were introduced by David R. Brower, an executive director of the Sierra club. He published one such books in 1960 and it became immensely popular. Later 20 books were published as a complete series and those books are now considered to be the first set of books made to place on coffee tables that we recognize now!

Coffee Table Book:- A Place In The Brave New World

Let’s discover how these books are being used in the busy modern world of eBooks, kindles and other electronic gadgets:

#1 These books are primarily used for decoration. When placed on your coffee tables they look like the perfect items on the perfect place, significantly improving the look and appearance of your living room.

#2 They are a great resources for killing boredom. When you’re sitting alone at home, nothing to do for a while, you can simply take a look at the perfectly tailored leisure books with a mug of hot coffee in your hands.

#3 Finally, these books are great entertainers. You can help a guest at your home feel more comfortable with the attractive, interesting hardcovers. Specially if you’re too busy to attend a guest right away, these coffee table items work like a charm.

Coffee Table Book:- Good And Bad

What make a great coffee table book (and obviously what make the bad ones)?

Usually, these books contain portraits, landscapes and other forms of images. Subjects vary within a wide range; nature being the most prominent subject is followed by historical figures, special occasions, travel destinations and so forth. Some people also create their own coffee table albums with their family photos. Guests love these books because of the diversity of the content inside them. If you really want to please your guests, you should consider purchasing/creating something unique and innovative. A great book for your coffee table must be:

* entertaining: the book should be entertaining. It must contain some content that can retain the attention of a reader on the coffee table.

* properly designed: the coffee table book should have a delicate design. As the books have a specific purpose, they should be formatted and aligned properly.

* well-maintained: you have to take care of these books just as you do for any other décor items. Guests would love to explore the book if it attracts them by creating a great-first-impression.

* open-for-all: these books should have no restriction or limitation for the reader groups. Anyone can open it; so the hardcovers should have suitable contents for everyone.

* a great time-pass: Last but not the least – the book must be a great time-pass for the readers. You have to select a soothing subject that’d be able to keep the reader busy.

Coffee Table Book:- DIY?

Should you buy a coffee table book or create one?

Nowadays, many people search for these books online. But, it’s not essential that you have to buy these from the market. Rather, you can play around and create your own hardcover for the coffee table. You can select some photos that recall your old good memories or create a family photo album. You are free to do anything you want with these books for the coffee table, just make sure that you’re creating something for anyone who might pay a visit to your house!

A coffee table book can be a great resource of refreshment for you, the family members and the guests! You can find thousands of creative, inspiring books for the coffee tables at home and office. These books reflect your personality and choice. So pick something that truly represents you and makes everyone feel special while sitting with a cup of coffee on the table.


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