Drip Coffee Makers, What Makes Them So Popular?.

Probably the ease with which, drip coffee makers can provide great tasting coffee, is their biggest plus point. How can you really go wrong with what is essentially a pot, a filter and a reservoir? Along with the fact that the entire coffee making process, no complicated steps or involved preparation, is over in such a short time and you really have a winning combination every time.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Yes, There Are Different Types

Primarily, these types of machines can be classified into two categories, manual drip makers and automatic drip makers. Most people prefer automatic machines in these days of advanced technology as all they need to do is to add right amount of water to the machine and right amount of coffee to the filter area. That’s not to say that highly delicious coffee can’t be made using manual coffee makers. It certainly can, it just a little more involved with a drip cone and coffee filter.

So, what should you take into consideration to help distinguish between the various drip coffee makers which are available?

Drip Coffee Makers:- Filters

There are two types of coffee filters available for drip coffee makers and they are paper filters and washable permanent filters. Those, who want to make coffee in a cost effective manner, should purchase paper filters. Many people prefer coffee made with paper filters because they absorb some of the oil naturally available in the coffee.

Reusable or permanent filters have become an integral component of all types of highly advanced machines and they are available in different types like nylon, cloth and even gold. Greater durability can always be associated with these types of filters and people, who want to enjoy the intense flavor of coffee, always prefer gold filters because they allow the natural oils to remain in the coffee. Another advantage is that gold filters hold the grounds securely during the brewing process and they can be cleaned with great ease and comfort.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Are Programmable

People will be able to set their coffee to start brewing at a particular time of the day like just before they wake up in the morning and they can also decide how many cups that they want to make.

Drip Coffee Makers :- Ease Of Use

These types of makers can be operated with the help of a single button. After having filled the filter with ground beans, the reservoir should be filled with water and with the push of a button, the coffee will be ready to serve.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Different Sizes

Drip coffee makers are available in different sizes and people will have to select the most suitable size, depending on their requirements. Single serve machines will make a single cup of coffee and the brewing process can be completed within 3 minutes. The 8-cup size is the most popular one because it will meet the requirements of a small family. For people who consume several cups of coffee per day, the 10-cup or 12 cup-size models would be more appropriate.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Pause And Serve Feature

If a person wants to pour a cup of coffee before the completion of the entire brewing process, this feature will help him/her to do so and, the pause and serve feature will also allow for the resumption of the brewing cycle.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Automatic Shut Off

It is not uncommon for some people to forget to shut off the coffee maker. One consequence of this is that it makes the cleaning up of the coffee pot an extremely complicated task. This problem can be averted with the help of automatic shut off feature as it will shut off the coffee maker within a specified period of time.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Price

The price of these types of coffee makers normally range between $25 and $300. Like everything else, you get what you pay for, so any coffee makers having advanced features like water filter, insulated carafe and built-in coffee grinder will always feature on the higher end of the price scale.

Drip Coffee Makers:- Conclusion

Though there are different types of coffee makers available in the market today, drip coffee machines are amongst the most popular ones. The advantages speak for themselves. Drip coffee makers are easy to use, offer a rich taste via faster, programmable brewing making them cost effective. There’s nothing wrong with that!

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