Coffee Pod Machines, Just What You’re Looking For?.

Coffee pod machines are not for everyone, but they do offer a pleasing simplicity and drastically reduced brewing time that, in stressful moments, can be important.

Among all types of single-serve formats, coffee pods are the simplest ones, no need to worry about foil lids and bar codes here! The process of brewing becomes simple with these machines because they eliminate the need to measure out the portions, additives and flavorings from large containers. Equally, unused products will never get exposed to light and air with coffee pods.

Coffee Pod Machines:- Different Types

Although the machines themselves perform a pretty similar task, it’s the pods which can differ. It is possible to buy coffee makers that use paper, metal or plastic pods. You can choose the machine that best goes well with your individual requirements, but if that is the “bottom line”, then paper coffee pods can usually be described as the most cost effective type available in the market.

Coffee Pod Machines:- Features


The speed and the brewing temperature decide the power of the pod machine and most people prefer a machine having power in between 1200 watts and 1500 watts. Greater power means higher performance machine and also in most cases, a lot more noise.


Certain pod coffee machines will accommodate only a regular type of coffee or a particular brand. For those people, who want to enjoy variety, will have to select a coffee pod machine that will allow them to make various types of coffee with different flavors. You really do get what you pay for, greater variety equates to greater financial outlay.


People should always check whether the cup options are suitable for them. Some machines, especially single serve cups will only allow one size of cup. If there are multiple users at home, you will need to select a pod machine that allows multiple sizes of cup. In normal circumstances, 10 to 12 oz brew size will be a good option. For those people, who are ardent lovers of espresso, a model that allows a 4 to 5 oz cup size will perhaps be better.

Ease Of Use

Not to be taken lightly. Ease of use should always be a major consideration while selecting a pod machine. Some machines available in the market can be awkward to fill with water. Therefore, if your hands grip or dexterity isn’t quite what it was, you may want to pay particular attention to that aspect, before buying it. Generally speaking, the higher quality machines are the ones which offer easy removal of the water reservoir for cleaning and filling.

Price Range

The cost of average machines will be around $60 and as far as advanced models are concerned, the cost will be in the region of $300 to $400.

Coffee Pod Machines:- Conclusion

When compared to other coffee makers available in the market, the cost of pod machines will tend to be on the higher side.

Since these machines make use of pre-ground coffee for brewing, the coffee produced will be lacking that aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee.

However, the major benefits of coffee pod machines are, preserving freshness of the coffee, faster and convenient brewing, minimal waste and greater consistency in taste. If it’s a consideration, there is a certain neatness about them to, used pods are easily disposed of. If it speed, ease of use and consistency that matters to you, one of the many, easily available, coffee pod machines, could be just what you’re looking for.

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