Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder 156BU.


The Zassenhaus coffee grinder 156BU comes from a manufacturer who has been perfecting the art of grinding for more than 150 years. Zassenhaus really is a colossal figure amongst the coffee grinder manufacturers.

  It offers a top quality grinding mechanism and with this model, an elegant hardwood finish. Many people say that this unique grinder offers a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Take a look and you can see why.

Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder 156BU:- Beautiful And Practical

Whether you desire a coarse or fine grind, this coffee mill will not disappoint. Coffee beans are easily added by opening the closed top hopper. The nut on the shaft can be adjusted to ensure increased convenience for the user in terms of the choice of grind. While using some other grinders available in the market, people need to stop grinding for refilling. The large capacity of the Zassenhaus 156BU efficiently rectifies this problem. The ultraviolet resistant bean hopper can hold more than a pound of beans. The process of cleaning becomes hassle free with this coffee mill because of the burr cleaning brush attached with it. Finally the top section of this grinder is made of finished chrome, thus making it extremely durable.

Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder 156BU:- Beautiful And Reliable

Most of the existing users appreciate the durability of this machine. Many of them have been using it for many years without worrying about any type of replacement. Outstanding German craftsmanship makes it popular choice among a lot of people and the fact that the maker offers 10 year warranty for this product shows the tremendous confidence they have in this coffee grinder. The positive responses of the existing users reassert this fact.

Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder 156BU:- Beautiful But…

It’s clearly not an automatic coffee grinder. If you don’t move, it won’t move. If you wish a completely automatic grinder you have plenty of choice. There are no shortage of options.

If you are flexible, this sturdy machine has a precision hardened steel conical burr. It has finely finished beech wood on top. It has a reputation for build quality, backed up by a long warranty. It is relatively easily adjusted and maintained. It is of course, still beautiful. The Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder 156BU, able to evoke fond memories of how things used to be.

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