Coffee Grinder, A Buying Guide

Posted on September 1, 2013 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

If you love your coffee and want to make the best possible drink you can, you will need a quality coffee grinder. Some people prefer instant coffee because of the convenience, but they do not realize that this process oxidizes the beans. As a resultant factor, the taste will change and they will never be able to enjoy the rich taste of freshly ground coffee.

That is exactly where a grinder assumes paramount importance. There are different types of electric and manual coffee grinders available in the market and they include blade grinders and burr grinders. People should conduct ample amount of research to select the most suitable one that will go in complete harmony with their requirements and they should also assess the various features of different grinders in a detailed manner before arriving at the final conclusion.

Coffee Grinder:- Blade Grinders

These types of grinders are the most popular ones available in the market primarily because they are extremely cost effective. Blade grinders will be the best option for those people, who are ardent lovers of medium strong coffee because these machines will grind the coffee beans into coarse medium coffee grounds with the utmost efficiency. French Press style coffee lovers in particular invariably select these types of grinders.

In order to get the best out of these grinders, You need to know how to make best use of them. The trick is to grind beans at short intervals. This has two benefits:-

1. The heat generated through the friction from long grinding can be averted, so that…

2. You avoid that depressing burnt taste in the final brew.

Coffee Grinder:- Burr Grinders

Most people are of the opinion that the performance level of the burr grinders surpass that of blade grinders. It’s always nice to be popular but the downside is that cost of these types of grinders will always be on the high side. The on and off switch of burr grinders have different settings to control the grinding process which means you will easily be able to make the coffee you prefer. Coffee grounds made from burr grinders are ideal for espresso and drip coffee makers making them ideal for the more diserning coffee lover.

These grinders can be classified into two categories, conical and wheel burr grinders. Conical grinders offer greater consistency in comparison with wheel grinders and they are also less noisy.

Coffee Grinder:- Features

Coarseness Levels

In order to assess the fineness of the finished ground coffee, various grinders have different settings. Coffee lovers who want to experiment with different brewing styles, should opt for grinders that offer different coarseness levels. Some machines offer 3 or 4 control levels and highly advanced grinders offer more than 30 different setting for fineness.

Power Of The Grinder Motor

Watts is the unit that is used to measure the power of the motor and in normal circumstances; it varies between 150 and 300. Some advanced models offer more than 300 watts. The more powerful the grinder, the less likely it will burn out or jam due to frequent use.

Ground Bean Storage Capacity

Some models can have a larger hopper for bean storage and they can be a perfect choice for people, who want to grind several days worth of coffee at one time. They will be able to store more than 8 ounces of coffee. Anyone for whom one or two cups of coffee at a time is perfectly sufficient, should select grinders with a smaller storage capacity.


Highly advanced models will have a cannister to deposit the ground coffee meaning you will never have to worry about finding and placing a container for catching the ground beans.

Auto Off

This feature will prevent the burrs or blades from spinning without any purpose after the beans are ground and it will also prevent the unwanted wear and tear on the motor and other parts of the coffee grinder.


The cost of domestic grinders is normally between $20 and $800 depending on the features and brand. In the case of blade grinders, the cost is in between $20 and $60 and as far as burr grinders are concerned, the price range is in between $100 and $800. The price of some of the advanced models that can also be used for commercial purposes is around $3000.

Other Important Features

People should also take into consideration other important features like most suitable size, ease of cleaning and blade quality as well before making their buying decision.

Coffee Grinder:- Conclusion

A top quality coffee grinder will always help people save time while making coffee and when it comes to making highly delicious coffee with an extremely captivating aroma, time matters!


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