Coffee Gift Basket, A Thoughtful Present

Posted on December 7, 2013 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

These days, selecting the best coffee gift basket can be a complicated task, purely because of the increasing number of options you have available. A beautiful gift will always create a long lasting impression in the mind of the receiver and coffee baskets are no different.

Several yardsticks should be applied while selecting these gifts, including, the occasion, season and the personality of the receiver. In order to genuinely surprise the person who is going to receive the gift, you may have to, think outside the box a little.

Coffee Gift Basket:- The Coffee Maker

Normally a good option, is to include a coffee maker to create a long lasting impression in the mind of the recipient. Various types of coffee makers are available, like a conventional stove top, a sophisticated French coffee press or any other type that goes well with the taste and preferences of the receiver can be included. When selecting a gift for cafe latte and cappuccino lovers, a coffee measurer and milk froth can also be added.

Coffee Gift Basket:- Types Of Brews

It is always advisable to select coffee beans that suit the taste of the intended recipient and the safest choice will always be a blend that comes under the category of mild to medium. Bags filled with whole beans will be an ideal choice for those people who use a coffee grinder and the bottom line, is that the giver should always take into consideration the taste preferences of the receiver, for example, Arabica vs Robusta.

Coffee Gift Basket:- Other Additions

People should always select a unique coffee mug that goes in complete harmony with the taste and style of the intended recipient. There is no shortage of coffee mugs these days and they can be found in various colors, sizes and shapes. Ardent coffee lovers always prefer mugs that are big enough to hold adequate amount of their favorite brew and if the receiver is an espresso lover, a demitasse cup will be an ideal choice.

Other items like flavored syrup, a pack of chocolate coffee beans, flavored cream, a gift certificate from a local coffee shop, sugar packets, gourmet cocoa, a set of chocolate covered spoons, coasters, coffee flavored candies, coffee scented candles, a coffee recipe book or some other small coffee table book and a package of biscotti can also be added to the gift basket and all these items can be placed in a bag, decorated with a colorful tissue. A big bow and gift tag can also be attached to make the gift basket extremely attractive.

Coffee Gift Basket:- Different Occasions

A good number of online shops and specialty stores have come up with different types of coffee baskets and people have the freedom to select the most suitable one from the plentiful available options. The occasion should always be a consideration when selecting these types of gifts and it is always advisable to follow a theme to make the gift all the more endearing to the recipient. Different gift baskets like Christmas themed baskets, birthday themed baskets and season based gifts are all available.

Coffee Gift Basket:- Conclusion

People can make the gift basket highly attractive by adding the name of the person, witty sayings and coffee pictures on the container and each item in the basket should be displayed separately in an attractive manner. It is always advisable to place the larger items in center or back of the basket to prevent them from obscuring small items and if the recipient has a strong social conscience, a basket containing fair trade or organic coffee will be a good option as well.

Since coffee gift baskets contain items like beans and candies, people should not buy them too early and they can be purchased just a few days before the gift presentation date.


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