Coffee Filters And What You Can Do With Them!

Posted on March 28, 2014 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

Coffee filters can be used for a lot more than just filtering coffee, although when all’s said and done, that’s probably still their number one role in life! Hopefully however, you will be, if not amazed, then at least mildly amused by some of the following possibilities. Time is money and with a bit of luck, these might save you a bit of both.

Coffee Filters:- Can Be Used As…

Disposable bowls for popular snacks such as popcorn, chips or crackers.

Window cleaners, they do a more than excellent impersonation of a paper towel for cleaning windows.

Food covers, especially good when heating up leftovers in a microwave oven. Anyone who has had to clean the inside of a microwave after forgetting this step knows how useful this can be.

Drink covers. If its good enough to use for food in the microwave, the same will apply when you are re-heating coffee. The best way to keep your microwave looking its best is to avoid the spilling and splashing in the first place.

A means of absorbing grease from food. Try this and you might have your eyes opened to just how much fat is hidden in your everyday food.

An ice cream cone holder. You can either take your chances of the ice cream dripping all over your smart new clothes or take this sensible precaution.

A tissue, not ideal perhaps but depending on the situation, any port in a storm!

A lint free option for cleaning your glasses. Irritating isn’t it, lint on the lenses.

An air freshener. With the addition of some baking soda and a twist tie to secure, admittedly. Easy to make and effective when you put them in all the places that could do with some measure of freshening up.

A baking aid, easily separate the ingredients into these handy, throwaway small bowls. How easy was that to clean up afterwards?

Shoe polishers. Quickly keep your shoes nice and shiny with no mess afterwards.

An alternative to newspaper when you need to carefully pack breakable dishes. Much easier to shape and a lot less mess than using newspapers.

A chopping board or at least as a protective layer between your kitchen counter and the about to be sliced vegetables.

Coffee Filters:- Mainly For Brewing Coffee, But..

Other possibilities do exist! They don’t cost much and if one or more of the above regularly applies to you, then you might just be looking at a considerable saving. Coffee filters, not just for making a great tasting coffee!


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