Coffee During Pregnancy, Should You?

Posted on June 30, 2013 · Posted in Coffee Break

Is the habit of consuming coffee during pregnancy a risky one?

Drinking coffee during pregnancy has always been a hot topic, in more ways than one! For an ardent coffee lover, a hot steaming cup of coffee will always be an irresistible temptation. The rich taste and captivating aroma of high quality coffee drinks play an important role in making them extremely popular and various studies have shown that coffee can offer a lot of health benefits. However, what about pregnant women? Is consuming coffee during pregnancy, wise or not?

There are several well documentated benefits of caffeine if you’re not pregnant, but what if you are? To be fair, it is not a black and white issue and it is absolutely essential to dig deeper into this issue to find out the real truth.

Coffee During Pregnancy:- It’s All About Caffeine

Caffeine, an important ingredient of coffee readily crosses the placental barrier quite easily. This means that a woman’s metabolic rate will decrease during pregnancy in comparison with a non pregnant woman. This is mainly due to the fact that the fetus has low levels of the enzymes that would normally break down the caffeine. Increased consumption of caffeine, more than the “normal limits” can therefore present an elevated risk to mother and child.

Pregnant women, who take large quantities of coffee, face problems like giving birth to a child with low weight, fetal death and other types of birth defects. Researchers found out that the chances for miscarriage or premature birth for pregnant women, who take 200 mg of coffee or more (two or more cups of coffee) in a daily manner, are 200% higher in comparison with other pregnant women. Women, who take less than 200 mg of caffeine, have only 40% increased risk of miscarriage.

Still, there is no conclusive evidence about the argument that drinking coffee alone causes miscarriage and the lifestyle of the pregnant women and other related aspects like smoking also will have to be taken into consideration while determining the real cause of miscarriage.

Coffee During Pregnancy:- Moderation

Vasoconstrictive effect can be associated with high doses of caffeine consumption in adults and it will result in the contraction of blood vessels. In the case of pregnant women, it may reduce blood flow to the placenta and to the fetus as well. Elevated level of caffeine in the body of pregnant women may cause changes in the sleep pattern during the later stages of pregnancy. What do all these aspects indicate?

Moderate amount of consumption should not invite any detrimental effects on pregnancy and consuming 1 to 2 cups (maximum 250 mg) of coffee during pregnancy cannot normally be considered as harmful, however don’t be afraid to consult your medical professional with any concerns. That’s what they are there for.


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