Coffee Archives.

This is a section that, hopefully won’t get used too often. It is intended for articles that for some reason are no longer relevant and should not be accessed under their former section.

Usually, it will be for review articles for a coffee related product that is no longer produced, either because the manufacturing company no longer exists, let’s hope not, or the product has simply been superceded by a newer, better model.

It could be that the information is not as current as it once was. What if Rome suddenly turned against coffee and lost it’s position as one of the world’s most important coffee cities! No, it’s not very likely and it would be a major shock if the article on Rome every moved to this section.

However, progress and innovation march on and in terms of product reviews, if something is no longer available to purchase via then it will be moved from it’s present position on to this section.

That doesn’t mean the review is of no further use. Auction sites and the availability of used goods means that the information it contains could still be helpful, if you find yourself in the position of considering such a purchase.

Accessing these pages will still follow the standard used in the rest of the site. There will be a link to every page, possibly with a reason for it’s inclusion, at the bottom of this one and the individual pages will also appear as a menu item under the coffee archives tab at the top of every page. Many of the reviews will still have a video review of the product in question. The features remain valid, the buy now options are not.

Therefore, to begin:-

The first review to be moved to this archive area is for the Krups XP7230 Compact Fully Automatic coffee machine, which is unfortunately no longer available on

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