Coffee And Acne, Cause And Effect?

Posted on August 19, 2013 · Posted in Coffee Break

What is the relationship between coffee and acne? Primarily, for coffee loving acne sufferers, does coffee make acne worse? There is no conclusive evidence to support the argument that drinking coffee alone would lead to the development of acne. At the same time, if a person leads a life that promotes other acne causing factors like dairy and meat induced hormone imbalance, poor diet, smoking, stress and other related risks, then drinking several cups of caffeinated coffee could indeed make the acne symptoms worse.

Coffee And Acne:- Insulin

Excess consumption of coffee will lead to insulin resistance and the body will respond to this situation by, unsurprisingly, producing more insulin. Increased production of insulin will make inflammation a reality. In such a situation, people will become more vulnerable to the development of acne due to follicular blockage along with any other acne promoting factors. Any, ongoing treatment for acne could also be adversely affected. Sweetened coffee drinks will increase the chance of insulin induced inflammation to a certain extent as well.

Coffee And Acne:- Caffeine

Another relationship between coffee and acne is that of caffeine. The most prominent ingredient of coffee, gets engaged in the process of stimulating the adrenal gland and as a result, the testosterone production will get improved considerably. Such a situation will lead to increased production of sebum, which could and usually will get trapped in the hair follicles. Eventually, people will become more vulnerable to acne infections. It does not mean that coffee alone worsens the condition of acne. Other acne promoting factors in combination with excess coffee consumption can lead to such a situation.

Another argument is that caffeine decreases the ability of the liver to absorb toxins and other impurities from all substances and in such a situation, toxins may leave the body through other systems like sweat glands and pores on the face. It will result in the process of pores getting clogged and acne development becoming a reality. Although this argument cannot be applied to those people who consume coffee within normal limits, it can only be applied to heavy coffee drinkers.

Coffee And Acne:- It All Depends…

What do all these aspects indicate? Coffee consumption alone cannot be held responsible for acne formation or aggravating the condition of acne. However, other acne promoting factors could work in combination with coffee to worsen the condition of acne. People, who drink several cups of coffee daily, will usually increase their chance of worsening their acne condition. Optimal consumption of coffee will never make a person more susceptible to acne. Therefore the best answer that can be given to the question, ‘Is their a relationship between coffee and acne?’ is, it depends on your circumstances.


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