Calories In Coffee

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It can be said that even today, most people do not have a clear cut idea about the calories in coffee. Calorie contents in different types of coffee vary and coffee without any additives contain fewer calories in comparison with all other variations. Arabica and Robusta are the most popular coffee plants and the taste and smell of these two species vary considerably as well.

Around 75 to 80% of coffee is produced from the Arabica plant and Robusta plants account for 15 to 20% of the coffee production in the world. Arabica contains 1.2% caffeine contents and Robusta contains approximately 2.2% caffeine contents. The amount of chlorogenic acid in Arabica is around 5.5 to 8% and in the case of Robusta, it is around 7 to 10%. Lipid and sugar content will be higher in Arabica in comparison with Robusta and as far as taste and smell are concerned, Robusta falls in short of Arabica.

Calories In Coffee:- No Shortage Of Options!

There are a lot of interpretations available about calories in coffee and it is absolutely essential to have a better understanding about this aspect for maintaining the health in good condition. People consume coffee in different ways and the calorie contents differ with each type of coffee available in the market.

A beverage like instant coffee having a volume of 8 oz contains four calories and calorie contents in brewed coffee with the same volume will be two. Brewed Decaf Coffee does not contain any calories and at the same time, brewed coffee (9 oz) with two tablespoons of cream, if you are counting, will cost you at least one hundred calories.

Alternatives do exist of course. When two tablespoons of whole milk are added to brewed coffee (9 oz) the calories will be around twenty and for Brewed Coffee (two tablespoons of skimmed milk) with the same volume will contain around twelve calories.

Calories In Coffee:- Popular Choices

When a person consumes Brewed Coffee (two tablespoons of non-dairy powdered creamer) having a volume of 9 oz his or her calorie intake will be approximately sixty eight and Brewed Coffee with two tablespoons non-diary liquid creamer will be having around forty two calories as well. Espresso coffee (1 oz) normally contains one calorie and another popular variety known as cappuccino (16 oz) will normally have a calorie cost in the region of one hundred and thirty to one hundred to forty.

Calories in coffee can go up to the five hundred calorie region with some popular varieties like Dairy Queen Cappuccino MooLatte and Baskin Robins Cappuccino Blast. As far as homemade Latte (8 oz) with 6 oz whole milk is concerned, calories will be around ninety or so and calorie contents in other popular Latte versions like Starbucks Caffe Latte and McDonald’s Latte (16 oz) will range in between one hundred and eighty and two hundred and twenty.

Calories In Coffee:- Beware Sugar!

Coffee as a plain drink does not contain too many calories although different types of coffee syrups available in the market contain high calories. A good number of people prefer coffee syrups because of their captivating smell and flavor. One table spoon sugar contains forty eight calories and adding too much sugar to these coffee syrups will increase the calorie contents to a great extent. Some of the popular syrups that are added in coffee include vanilla, raspberry, corn and caramel.

Different types of milk are also being added in coffee and they include whole milk, fat-free milk, soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk and many more. It is always advisable to have a better understanding about calories in coffee because such awareness will help people to select the most suitable coffee drinks available in the market.


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