Capresso 153.04 C3000.


The Capresso 153.04 C3000 automatic coffee and espresso center is a popular choice amongst coffee lovers. What could be the reason for this? Consumers invariably look for a stylish coffee maker that is highly functional and delivers expected results in a consistent manner. Not too much to ask, is it?

This unique coffee machine offers all these benefits following on from a pretty simple initial set up process. If you want to prepare a cup of your favorite cappuccino, then pour the milk into a separate cup for the steaming to take place while the Capresso gets engaged in the process of brewing. It really doesn’t matter what type or style of coffee is requested, you can get the desired one with the push of a button.

Capresso 153.04 C3000:- Benefits To You

This fully automated and programmable coffee machine is designed in such a way that it selects the right amount of coffee to be ground based on the specifications, before tamping coffee into the filter. With this done correctly, it should come as no surprise that the brewing process itself is very efficient.


After the brewing process, the used grounds will be deposited in a removable tray making them easy to dispose. The Capresso 153.04 C3000 has two frothing systems to make the process of injecting steam into a pitcher of milk uncomplicated and also consuming less space due to its compact design. Since this coffee maker is made with two thermo-block heating systems, highly delicious coffee can prepared within seconds and the milk can be kept hot for some considerable time.

Capresso 153.04 C3000:- Existing Owners Speak!

The existing users are of the opinion that this coffee machine is highly durable, meaning that with due care and attention, it should serve you well for many years into the future.

Other favorable comments surround the entire package, consisting as it does of cleaning tablets, water filter attachment, sticks for testing water hardness and water filters. The maker, Capresso, offers all these free packages to safeguard the interests of the customers.

Capresso 153.04 C3000:- Pros And Cons

Just one thing to note, which could be good or bad for you, depending on your point of view.

You should never have to worry about a shortage of steam when making your drink because the milk steamer runs completely on a different system. The detachable water tank has the capacity to hold 96 ounces of water. Which does of course mean that you have to make sure it is sufficiently full. People who prefer a plumbed-in system like a semi-automatic coffee machine, may not prefer this type of arrangement. If that’s you, it’s a disadvantage. If this is incidental to you, everything else is very positive.

The bottom line is that this very elegant machine can quickly make delicious coffee. There aren’t many kitchens that wouldn’t be improved by the introduction of the Capresso 153.04 C3000.

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