A Coffee Diet, What Are The Benefits?

Posted on November 9, 2014 ยท Posted in Coffee Break

Well, since it contains a lot of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, you can improve your health as various studies have shown that people who drink coffee regularly, are less vulnerable to a good number of diseases.

For example, obesity has become a major concern for many people because they follow unhealthy eating habits and an affinity towards junk foods is making matters even worse. In such a situation, following a good diet plan is vital and coffee could play an important part in it. This diet helps you breakout of the same old, cup of Joe routine. Instead you should drink coffee as a catalyst for burning fat and staying fit.

How Does A Coffee Diet Work?

First of all, by drinking coffee at regular intervals including before bathing and exercise. You should drink coffee thirty to sixty minutes before cardio exercises, one to three cups is normal. Such an approach increases your metabolic rate and it also decreases your perceived muscular fatigue.

The most prominent ingredient of coffee is caffeine and it has a psychological impact on your workout intensity. If you are not following a workout regime, you can drink coffee thirty to sixty minutes before a meal to accelerate your metabolism, elevate energy levels and reduce hunger.

One cup of coffee contains approximately 100 milligrams of caffeine and when you drink a cup of coffee, the resting metabolism of a person increases by around 10%. For those people who are not regular with coffee, the metabolic rise can go even higher.

Coffee also contains a natural chemical compound known as chlorogenic acid which slows down the release of glucose in your body after a meal. This process leads to a faster metabolic rate and also keeps you satisfied by controlling food cravings.

Other Health Benefits Of Having Coffee In Your Diet

When you follow a diet with coffee, bad cholesterol levels are lowered and your good cholesterol levels are increased, helping to prevent the clogging of arteries and heart related diseases. Coffee also helps control the growth of carcinogenic cancer cells and the presence of antioxidants strengthens your immune system. This diet enhances your body’s anti aging properties and it also helps you keep alert throughout the day.

Who Should Avoid This Diet?

People with low caffeine tolerance should not follow this diet and it is not the best option for those who are recovering from serious diseases like a heart attack.

This diet is not at all advisable for pregnant women.

It is also not unknown for some people to have a genetic mutation that slows the process of breaking down caffeine. As with all diet and exercise changes, you must consult a qualified medical practitioner BEFORE starting, not after.


Today, you can come across a wide range of coffee diets. Some people add soy milk or green tea to black coffee because they contain a lot of good nutrients. Common sense is important to. If losing weight is your goal, cream and sugar should be off the agenda. Then that after dinner cup of coffee really might help you to reduce your food cravings.


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